day five of iAM camp – exploring art and math all around us

Displaying IMAG1710.jpgTo start the day off today we did birthday cards for a friend that is eighty years old and we were making lamp shades and Bianca made a person and Juliana made a J out of cups and then painted it.:) Also, Kaprial made a fish sculpture out of playing cards…the fish’s name is Gertrude.

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We began the day with an outdoor adventure. Alyssa taught us how to do a game where we got into groups and intertwined our hands. The challenge was to get untangled without letting go of each others’ hands. It was really fun to untwist and figure out how to make it work.

Then we went on a walk around campus to explore art and math in nature and designed spaces. We found symmetry in plant leaves and flowers, tessellated patterns in brick walkways, cylindrical drainage tubes, and lots of other geometric forms.
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THEN WE FOUND FROGS!!!! They were the cutest little things ever!
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Displaying IMAG1781.jpgMany of the girls wanted to go back inside, but 5 continued on the adventure with Ms. Shaunna. We explores the theater building, which is round with really interesting geometric shapes that create cool shadows. We really enjoyed walking around the building and seeing turtles, fish, and ducks.

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Once we got back to the room, we elaborated on the different activities we did all week. We made more paper puzzles (we love the flower puzzle spheres), created more large silhouettes, and made lampshades out of disposable cups and coffee filters.

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And by the way, Bianca’s unicorn is a super hero today!
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Guest Bloggers: Bianca, Nicole, and Ms. Shaunna


Day four, we’re doing some more!

Displaying IMAG1697.jpgToday we did sliding puzzles. In the end, the puzzles turned into spheres, lampshades, and whatever else we could dream up, but mostly there were only spheres and lampshades. It was very fun, although it was also very difficult.


Displaying IMAG1707.jpgOut of clear scroll shaped pieces,we made lamp shades, and out of flower pieces, we made 3-D spheres. Sydney and Nadia made “fireworks” out of sticks and yarn, and they looked very impressive.  Can’t wait for day five, because it will sure come alive!

Guest Blogger: Kenzie


Day 3 of our adventure

Displaying IMAG1620.jpgToday at the iAM camp we started the day off with reviewing prisms by making homemade kaleidoscopes using empty paper tubes, cardstock and aluminum foil. Some girls added beads with plastic wrap and rubber bands to create more colorful patterns through the view finder.



Rotational Symmetry: Then, we made a protractor out if paper plates, golden brads, and card stock  cut into strips. The protractor helped us measure angles and rotational symmetry. After that, we studied kirigami, the art of different ways of making cut paper designs. First we explored “monkiri,” which is a kirigami style from Japan that involves folding paper, cutting designs along the folds, then unfolding to see symmetrical designs. We each created many designs, but gave Ms. Smith one of them to add to the group’s collaborative quilt design (which was Gracie’s idea). We will try to get it pieced together so that we can get it hung up soon.

In the style of “scherenschnitte,” a German style of cutting out silhouettes from paper, some of the girls got their silhouette traced by Ms.Sharon using large sheets of paper taped to the wall and the projector to cast a shadow.




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And the best way to end the day was when all the girls made there own fashion styles like, tutu skirts, braids and bracelets made from tule, flower pins, and other cool stuff made from paper and fabric. Who knew symmetry could spark such an interesting variety of artistic and mathematical creations.


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Displaying IMAG1668.jpgBianca made warrior costumes for herself and unicorn.

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Gabriella made luminarias, too. Displaying IMAG1681.jpg

The whole iAM group posing together with their creations!


Guest bloggers: Chloe, Gabriella

The Adventure of Day Two

Today we learned about polyhedras. We also learned that cylinders, and cones are different because of their faces. We learned as well that a face is a polygon, and that pyramids are made mostly of triangles. The net of a cylinder has two circles and one rectangle.



We used design software to make paper cubes on the computer and then used a special machine that cut them out for us.


Celina, Gracie, Destiny, Julianna, and Nicole made a giant neighborhood out of pop ups. Tomorrow we will be playing a game called “The Spaghetti.” Moods  of some of the girls were: frustrated, tired, excited, happy, confused

Read up on us tomorrow, and have a great day!

Guest bloggers: Nicole, Kaprial, Kenzie, and Sydney

First Day of Fun at iAM Camp

We started by creating our own name tags with yarn and beads. Some of us made braids and even combined beads. Though we used the same materials, each was different.

Then we learned a lot about how to make pop-ups in different ways using a variety of shapes and styles/looks. The pop-ups had a lot of math in them in order to work right. We had to make sure that the folds lined up with symmetry and that they didn’t pass the mid-point (otherwise they wouldn’t fold up inside). Other math terms we used were: parallel, congruent, mid-point, 90 degrees, and perpendicular.

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