Day 9: Nearing the end

We started the day with Mrs. Beth showing us how to knit. Our challenge was to “yarn bomb” Mrs. Shaunna’s chair. We got a good start, but have a bit to go…though along the way we enjoyed making sure we could still sit in the chair and a few people “accidentally” got wrapped up in the yarn. While knitting, Mrs. Sharon ironed our shirts we made yesterday to heat set the fabric paint.
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Afterwards, Gabby showed us how to braid our shirts and Alyssa showed us how to make fringe on them. We’ve got big plans for Mrs. Sharon’s t-shirts, which she will bring tomorrow.

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After adding to our awesome shirts, we made a ton of duct tape flowers and attached them to pens and rings.
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Through out the day Mrs. Shaunna  asked us questions individually about what we thought about camp and Chloe and Nicole videotaped us while we worked (and played). To end the day we cleaned as fast as we could so we could have the room clean for a prize of a doughnut and so we could have a clean room for family friend day. 🙂
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Day 8 was great!

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For the whole day we came outside in groups of 4 or 5 to do t-shirts  that were screen printed. While waiting, we did either string art using push pins and foam core boards, which we wrapped yarn around to create patterns.

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We also worked in groups using different clues to make a 3-D figure using wooden blocks.
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Bianca’s unicorn has a tracker for battle now and she has a robot mask too!
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Closing thoughts for the day…