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2015 Day 4: Knitting, Stitching, and Knitting Some More

Today we worked really hard to focus on finishing our knitted cell phone purses.

We also learned about cross-stitch and tried different designs using plastic canvas.

Mrs. Nichole helped us talk more about the process we were using and got us talking about how some of us do it differently. We shared stories about how we would describe it to others to teach them how to knit. The teachers might think its cool to knit, and we might expect that some of our friends will think its cool but in reality some of them might think it is “grandma.” The teachers asked us what would we say to those people who don’t think its cool, so we made a video about expectations vs. reality.

Mrs. Shaunna showed us how to print our own shirts using panty hose and a loop:

2015 Day 3: Spiraling Spirographs

Today at camp we got to do several different projects. First we got to finish assembling our icosahedron structures that were made out of Popsicle sticks.

Next we got to use spirographs which was a first time for most of us.

After that we got to do string art with toothpicks and cork board.

To end the day off we got to work on our knitting project. Mrs. Nichole showed us how to spin yarn too.

But then there was a session of using giant gears to create spirographs on the stairs of the College of Education…

Here are the instructional materials from today:

  1. Popsicle stick Icosahedron sculpture; more math info about icosahedrons
  2. Experimenting with graph theory and hypocycloids (more math info about pirographs)
  3. Spirograph necklace with string and handmade jigs
  4. Casting on and knitting small cell phone purse using a garter stitch technique (check out this info for extra help and terms). Mrs Nichole made a great video to help identify how to successfully create each “unit.”

To extend these topics at home, try these iAMDailyTakeHome2015(Day3) activities!

2015 Day 2: knitting, icosahedron, and dodecahedron

Today we made dodecahedron’s with flower slide together puzzles and icosahedrons with paper triangles.


In addition to we learned how to knit which was fun yet challenging it was called a garter stitch .  We look forward to having more fun and challenging experiences at camp till the last day. Chloe was here.

Here are the instructional materials from today:

  1. Flower Sphere paper puzzle
  2. George Hart Slide Togethersindividual small
  3. Watch George Hart lead a group construction
  4. Popsicle stick Icosahedron sculpture; more math info about icosahedrons
  5. Casting on and knitting small cell phone purse using a garter stitch technique (check out this info for extra help and terms)

To extend these topics at home, try these iAMDailyTakeHome2015(Day2) activities!

Day One: First day of iAM Camp Summer 2015

Today was a fun and productive day. Today we learned how to dye yarn with kool-aid.

We also learned how to make octahedron (“hahaha oct-ahhhhh-heeee-dron” that is how Mrs. Shaunna says it). An octahedron is made up of four different pyramids do create a fun 3-D shape.

Funny parts: part 1!   when we were introducing ourself’s it was Ayanna M’s turn her voice cracked so she was trying to get to her normal voice and coughing so funny.

Here are the instructional materials from today:

  1. Modular Origami handout
  2. Dye Your Own Yarn with Koolaid

To extend these topics at home, try these iAMDailyTakeHome2015(Day1) activities!

Gabby made a chainlink bracelet from starburst wrappers:

iAM Summer Camp 2015

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering the iAM summer camp again this summer. The iAM summer camp is a free one-week camp for incoming 6th-grade girls. It is scheduled for the week of Monday June 29th through Friday July 3rd. Participants will explore the connections between art and mathematics as they use a variety of techniques and tools to design items, such as jewelry, sculpture, and textiles.

iAM 2015 flyer

Weaving our selfs into the 7th day

Today was an amazing day. It started off putting rice in objects and putting them with the smallest volume to the biggest.

Then we learned how to weave patterns using chenille pipe cleaners, ribbon, and yarn. We made bracelets and hairbands. Alyssa and Alizae taught us how to make flowers out of ribbon too!

Guest blogger: Annaleah

The Amazing Adventure Of Day 6!!!!!

Displaying IMAG1857.jpg

Today we were all going to make rings from the 3D printers, but we were having some technical difficulties, so instead we made awesome keychains, and they are printing as I speak.




In the meantime, we sculpted with clay and used chenille stems to create rings. Kaprial and Kenzie were experimenting with the picture booth, seeing what they could do, and make. Displaying IMAG1862.jpgDisplaying IMAG1861.jpg



Guest Blogger: Kaprial

day five of iAM camp – exploring art and math all around us

Displaying IMAG1710.jpgTo start the day off today we did birthday cards for a friend that is eighty years old and we were making lamp shades and Bianca made a person and Juliana made a J out of cups and then painted it.:) Also, Kaprial made a fish sculpture out of playing cards…the fish’s name is Gertrude.

Displaying IMAG1720.jpg
We began the day with an outdoor adventure. Alyssa taught us how to do a game where we got into groups and intertwined our hands. The challenge was to get untangled without letting go of each others’ hands. It was really fun to untwist and figure out how to make it work.

Then we went on a walk around campus to explore art and math in nature and designed spaces. We found symmetry in plant leaves and flowers, tessellated patterns in brick walkways, cylindrical drainage tubes, and lots of other geometric forms.
Displaying IMAG1742.jpg Displaying IMAG1726.jpg

THEN WE FOUND FROGS!!!! They were the cutest little things ever!
Displaying IMAG1756.jpg

Displaying IMAG1781.jpgMany of the girls wanted to go back inside, but 5 continued on the adventure with Ms. Shaunna. We explores the theater building, which is round with really interesting geometric shapes that create cool shadows. We really enjoyed walking around the building and seeing turtles, fish, and ducks.

Displaying IMAG1767.jpg

Once we got back to the room, we elaborated on the different activities we did all week. We made more paper puzzles (we love the flower puzzle spheres), created more large silhouettes, and made lampshades out of disposable cups and coffee filters.

Displaying IMAG1809.jpg  Displaying IMAG1816.jpg

Displaying IMAG1805.jpg

Displaying IMAG1821.jpg

And by the way, Bianca’s unicorn is a super hero today!
Displaying IMAG1712.jpg

Guest Bloggers: Bianca, Nicole, and Ms. Shaunna


Day four, we’re doing some more!

Displaying IMAG1697.jpgToday we did sliding puzzles. In the end, the puzzles turned into spheres, lampshades, and whatever else we could dream up, but mostly there were only spheres and lampshades. It was very fun, although it was also very difficult.


Displaying IMAG1707.jpgOut of clear scroll shaped pieces,we made lamp shades, and out of flower pieces, we made 3-D spheres. Sydney and Nadia made “fireworks” out of sticks and yarn, and they looked very impressive.  Can’t wait for day five, because it will sure come alive!

Guest Blogger: Kenzie