2015 Day 4: Knitting, Stitching, and Knitting Some More

Today we worked really hard to focus on finishing our knitted cell phone purses.

We also learned about cross-stitch and tried different designs using plastic canvas.

Mrs. Nichole helped us talk more about the process we were using and got us talking about how some of us do it differently. We shared stories about how we would describe it to others to teach them how to knit. The teachers might think its cool to knit, and we might expect that some of our friends will think its cool but in reality some of them might think it is “grandma.” The teachers asked us what would we say to those people who don’t think its cool, so we made a video about expectations vs. reality.

Mrs. Shaunna showed us how to print our own shirts using panty hose and a loop:

2015 Day 3: Spiraling Spirographs

Today at camp we got to do several different projects. First we got to finish assembling our icosahedron structures that were made out of Popsicle sticks.

Next we got to use spirographs which was a first time for most of us.

After that we got to do string art with toothpicks and cork board.

To end the day off we got to work on our knitting project. Mrs. Nichole showed us how to spin yarn too.

But then there was a session of using giant gears to create spirographs on the stairs of the College of Education…

Here are the instructional materials from today:

  1. Popsicle stick Icosahedron sculpture; more math info about icosahedrons
  2. Experimenting with graph theory and hypocycloids (more math info about pirographs)
  3. Spirograph necklace with string and handmade jigs
  4. Casting on and knitting small cell phone purse using a garter stitch technique (check out this info for extra help and terms). Mrs Nichole made a great video to help identify how to successfully create each “unit.”

To extend these topics at home, try these iAMDailyTakeHome2015(Day3) activities!