2015 Day 2: knitting, icosahedron, and dodecahedron

Today we made dodecahedron’s with flower slide together puzzles and icosahedrons with paper triangles.


In addition to we learned how to knit which was fun yet challenging it was called a garter stitch .  We look forward to having more fun and challenging experiences at camp till the last day. Chloe was here.

Here are the instructional materials from today:

  1. Flower Sphere paper puzzle
  2. George Hart Slide Togethersindividual small
  3. Watch George Hart lead a group construction
  4. Popsicle stick Icosahedron sculpture; more math info about icosahedrons
  5. Casting on and knitting small cell phone purse using a garter stitch technique (check out this info for extra help and terms)

To extend these topics at home, try these iAMDailyTakeHome2015(Day2) activities!