Day One: First day of iAM Camp Summer 2015

Today was a fun and productive day. Today we learned how to dye yarn with kool-aid.

We also learned how to make octahedron (“hahaha oct-ahhhhh-heeee-dron” that is how Mrs. Shaunna says it). An octahedron is made up of four different pyramids do create a fun 3-D shape.

Funny parts: part 1!   when we were introducing ourself’s it was Ayanna M’s turn her voice cracked so she was trying to get to her normal voice and coughing so funny.

Here are the instructional materials from today:

  1. Modular Origami handout
  2. Dye Your Own Yarn with Koolaid

To extend these topics at home, try these iAMDailyTakeHome2015(Day1) activities!

Gabby made a chainlink bracelet from starburst wrappers: