day five of iAM camp – exploring art and math all around us

Displaying IMAG1710.jpgTo start the day off today we did birthday cards for a friend that is eighty years old and we were making lamp shades and Bianca made a person and Juliana made a J out of cups and then painted it.:) Also, Kaprial made a fish sculpture out of playing cards…the fish’s name is Gertrude.

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We began the day with an outdoor adventure. Alyssa taught us how to do a game where we got into groups and intertwined our hands. The challenge was to get untangled without letting go of each others’ hands. It was really fun to untwist and figure out how to make it work.

Then we went on a walk around campus to explore art and math in nature and designed spaces. We found symmetry in plant leaves and flowers, tessellated patterns in brick walkways, cylindrical drainage tubes, and lots of other geometric forms.
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THEN WE FOUND FROGS!!!! They were the cutest little things ever!
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Displaying IMAG1781.jpgMany of the girls wanted to go back inside, but 5 continued on the adventure with Ms. Shaunna. We explores the theater building, which is round with really interesting geometric shapes that create cool shadows. We really enjoyed walking around the building and seeing turtles, fish, and ducks.

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Once we got back to the room, we elaborated on the different activities we did all week. We made more paper puzzles (we love the flower puzzle spheres), created more large silhouettes, and made lampshades out of disposable cups and coffee filters.

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And by the way, Bianca’s unicorn is a super hero today!
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Guest Bloggers: Bianca, Nicole, and Ms. Shaunna